The campaign BIKE TO WORK promotes cycling for commuting and everyday transportation.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage more people to use their bike for commuting and everyday transportation, and thereby improve their physical and mental health, and reduce the damage to the environment.

The Danish Cyclists' Federation organizes the campaign that has been a yearly tradition since 1997 The campaign runs from the 1st to the 31st of May and has had between 60.000 and 100.000 participants in the last five years.

BIKE TO WORK gives companies and employees an opportunity to address the positive aspects of biking to work. For example one person can reduce CO2 emissions by 450 kilos per year by biking 6 kilometers back and forth every day and burn an average of 800 calories per hour.

The participants join in teams competing with and against each other biking to or from work as many days as possible in May. The more days the team members ride their bikes to work the better chances they have in the nationwide competition where they can win a variety of prizes.

In 2019 the 59.144 participants biked more than 9 mio. kilometers in May.

How to participate

To join BIKE TO WORK participants must be enrolled in a team - usually as a team of colleagues from the same company - with 2 -16 people on each team.

The fee for participating in the campaign is 85 DKK per person.

When participating in the campaign the bike must be used as part of the transportation to and/or from work. It is permitted to combine the bike with train, public transportation and (even) car, as long as the bike is used in the transportation, either one way or partly.

During or at the end of May the participants have to register the number of days that they have biked to or / and from work on the BIKE TO WORK website. In the beginning of June the lucky winners are revealed.

If you need help or more information about the campaign and registration you are welcome to contact us at 33 32 31 21 (ext. 3) or vcta@cyklistforbundet.dk